Version 3.0.0 Released!#

Version 3.0.0 of the 8bitworkshop IDE is out! Under the hood, there are lots of changes:

  • There’s a new browser storage backend, and your local changes will be migrated over the first time you start the IDE. This means you can save many more projects locally.

  • The site also now supports HTTPS, but be aware that local changes made on the HTTPS site won’t affect the HTTP site, and vice-versa.

  • There’s also a new worker build engine that uses WebAssembly and is much faster. It supports multiple include and link files, which is something we’ll be taking advantage of in future updates.

  • To the right of the project file pulldown is a little folder icon; this is the window list. Listing files can be found here, as well as the Memory Browser and Disassembler views. (This doesn’t do much on the VCS platform, since there’s usually just one assembly file.)

  • The error icons to the left of the editor expand into full error messages when you mouse over one of them.

  • The VCS emulator no longer plays sound while the debugger is stopped.

  • During debugging, the VCS platform can show internal PIA and TIA state.

  • “Share File as GitHub Gist” has been removed due to GitHub changes; we’ll try to find a better solution for sharing files.

  • There’s now an “Upload File” menu option for uploading source files.

Note that your browser may have cached the link to the old version. If you still see “2.1.1” in your browser URL, clear your cache or navigate directly to the new version.