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Mastodon and the Vintage BASIC Bot

Mastodon has gained popularity as an alternative to commercial social media, especially within the #retrocomputing community. Even 8bitworkshop is on Mastodon, so feel free to follow! Just post into your search bar.

One feature of the “other” social media network (affectionally known as “Birdsite” on Mastodon) is the presence of bots.

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3.7.0 Release: BASIC

Click here to program BASIC in the 8bitworkshop IDE now!

Dartmouth professors John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz had the idea that every student should have access to a computer. But in those days, batch processing was the law of the land. Programmers would fill out a coding sheet, then a keypunch operator would create a deck of punch cards. The cards were fed into machines, and hours later you might receive results from your program – or if you were unlucky, an error report.

The Dartmouth (student newspaper), December 2, 1966

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