New features in 8bitworkshop 3.2.0:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for debugging –
Ctrl+Alt+P Pause
Ctrl+Alt+R Resume
Ctrl+Alt+. Reset
Ctrl+Alt+S Single Step
Ctrl+Alt+V Single Frame
Ctrl+Alt+L Run To Cursor
Ctrl+Alt+O Run Until Return
Ctrl+Alt+B Step Backwards
  • Debug VCS Bankswitching – We now support debugging bankswitched VCS programs. Currently, only basic (Atari 8K/16K/32K) and Tigervision (3E/3F) methods are debuggable. Make sure to ORG your code at $1000. Note: The emulator allows you to force a bankswitching method by appending its hex code in square brackets to the filename. For example, “MyGame[3E]” would force Tigervision+RAM format. Refer to this list of mappers.

  • Apple ][ Cassette Loading – A feature using the very nifty c2t tool, you can upload your binaries to a real Apple ][ via its cassette port! This works from almost any device with an audio out jack, just turn up the volume to max. See the video for how it works.

  • Bitmap Font Generator – This tool helps you import bitmap fonts into your programs. You can select from a list of variously-sized fonts, tweak the X/Y offsets, and encode it into an array for a particular platform. It’s availabe in the “Tools” menu.

  • Z80 Disassembler – To help you debug Z80 programs.

Happy Coding!