Books ===== We've got several books on retro programming and hardware design. They're available on: - [Amazon]( (print and Kindle) - [GumRoad]( (PDF) - [Google Play]( Browse the [errata](books/ page. ![Making Games for the Atari 2600](../images/book_a2600_med.jpg width=150px) ![Making 8-Bit Arcade Games in C](../images/book_arcade_med.jpg width=150px) ![Designing Video Game Hardware in Verilog](../images/book_verilog.jpg width=150px) ![Making Games for the NES](../images/book_nes.jpg width=150px) IDE Releases ============ * [3.5.0](release/ -- ColecoVision, MSX, SMS, Atari 7800 platforms * [3.4.0](release/ -- NES Support, Asset Editor * [3.3.0](release/ -- Designing Hardware with Verilog * [3.2.1](release/ -- batari BASIC, sidebar * [3.2.0](release/ -- Font tools, bankswitching, and cassette loading * [3.1.0](release/ -- VCS Love, Instant Replay and Playable Links * [3.0.0](release/ -- Multiple file support Check out the [user manual](docs/ for the IDE. The IDE source code is available on [GitHub]( Articles ======== [Fuzzing the Z-Machine](misc/ [The Mango One 6502 Computer](verilog/ [Optimizing C array lookups for the 6502](compilers/ [New Frontiers in High-Level 6502 Programming](compilers/ [Sincere Flattery in the Early Arcade Industry](history/