Apple ][+#

Apple ][+ Specifications#




Cassette tape, 5.25” floppy disk (Disk II)


MOS Technology 6502 @ 1 MHz


16K-64K RAM, 12K ROM (expandable)


40x24 text, 40x48 lo-res graphics (16 colors), 280x192 hi-res graphics (6 colors)


1-bit speaker


Keyboard, paddle controllers, joystick

FozzTexx, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The Apple ][+ was introduced by Apple Computer, Inc. in June 1979 as an enhancement to the original Apple ][ model, which was released in 1977. The Apple ][ series of computers were designed primarily by Steve Wozniak and marketed by Steve Jobs. The Apple ][+ added the Applesoft BASIC programming language, which was integrated into the ROM and replaced the Integer BASIC of the original Apple ][. The Apple ][+ also featured an improved keyboard, with keys for control characters and lowercase letters.

The Apple ][+ was successful in the early years of personal computing, especially in the education market. It was eventually succeeded by the Apple //e in 1983, which replaced the discrete IC-based circuitry with a single ASIC chip.


Applesoft BASIC was developed by Microsoft. It offered improved floating-point arithmetic and graphics commands compared to Integer BASIC. Integer BASIC was available by loading it into the optional Language Card memory.

The 8bitworkshop IDE doesn’t include the original Apple ROMs, so BASIC is not available. Instead, you can program in 6502 assembler or in C with the CC65 compiler tools.

Memory Map#

Address Range



Zero page




Input buffer, variables


Free space


DOS Vectors


Text/Lores Page 1


Free space


Hires Page 1


Hires Page 2


Free space


I/O switches and softswitches


ROM (Applesoft BASIC, Monitor)

I/O Switches and Softswitches#