3.8.0 Release#

Verilog WebAssembly Backend#

The big change in this release is a new Verilog backend. It translates your modules into WebAssembly!

The new backend is based on Verilator 4. It has a modest performance gain (20-50%), 64-bit support, and increased test compliance.

Other changes in the Verilog platform:

  • The Scope View has swipe left-right support, and has some ergonomic improvements.

  • The inline assembler has some bugfixes and improvements.

  • You can now see the current state of your module in the Debug Tree.

Other Changes#

The C64/ZX emulators have been updated to the latest version.

Fixed some issues with include/imports in Silice and Wiz.

You can override CC65 optimization flags with #define CC65_FLAGS <comma-separated args>